Design Appointment


1. Why do a Design Appointment


2. Session Location


3. Black and White or Color


4. What to Wear for Black and White Sessions


5. What to Wear for Color Portrait Sessions


6. Why Dark Clothes for Black and White Sessions


7. So, Let's Talk About Your Story


8. Buy Your Toddler’s Wedding Present Today


9. A Little Housekeeping


10. A Few Final Thoughts

1. Why do a Design appointment

1. We want to tell your story


2. This is key – when I know the story


- I see people differently


- I see what happens differently


- It very much shapes the outcome of the session


3. Sure, we will cover some other things


- The Express Session and an incentive


- Location: In-studio or On-location


- What to wear


- What to tell your children


4. And look around your home thinking about where you might want to hang the portraits


5. But, the main purpose is to Learn Your Story

2. Session Location

1. The session can be in the studio or on-location


2. My home studio


- State-of-the-art equipment

- It is cozy and comfortable


3. On-location


3a. In your home or yard, or a park, or anywhere


3b. For sessions in your home

- I can bring a backdrop

- This has the same look as if done in the studio

- Or, it can be using your home as the backdrop


4. Either way, you will get great portraits

3. Black and White or Color

1. There is something special about Black and White Portraits


- B&W focuses all attention on the subjects

- You feel the connections

- There is an intimacy to the portraits


2. Color Portraits are classic


- Just imagine a color portrait of your family on the wall

- Think about the how you will feel seeing it every day

4. What to Wear for Black and White Sessions

- Long Sleeves


- Dark Colors


- Solid Colors


- Wedding Bands are good


- Very Simple or No Other Jewelry is Recommended

5. What to Wear for Color Portrait Sessions

1. Don't mix tones


- keep it pastels with pastels

- deep colors with deep colors

- jewel tones with jewel tones


2. Long sleeves highly suggested


3. Try for complimentary colors


4. Do not wear identical shirts in the same color


5. Smaller patterns on one person is okay


6. No large prints, stripes, plaids and graphics on shirts, blouses and t-shirts


7. Try to avoid white, a little white under a sweater is okay


8. Think about bring different outfits such as a formal and a casual set of clothes

6. Why Dark Clothes for Black and White Sessions

1. A lesson from a Mime


2. Mimes wear dark clothes, white gloves, and have a white painted face


- This draws all the attention to the face and hands


- We are going to use this principle to help tell your story


3. You get Impact through contact


- The Mime is continually touching imaginary space and it becomes real and you understand the story


- The touch, holding hands, a kiss, an embrace creates the impact and helps to tell the story


– Your Story

7. So, Let's talk about your story

1. What is the purpose of the session?


- A celebration of something, a milestone time, etc


2. Let's talk about your family story


- What activities do you like to engage in when your family spends time together?


- What do you like about your family relationships?


- What do you want to come to their mind when your family thinks about you?


- When you think about your children, what characteristic of each one comes to mind?


- If this portrait were a chapter in your life, what would be the title?


3. What story do you want these images to tell?

8. Buy Your Toddler’s Wedding Present Today

1. A remarkable gift for your child


1a. A portrait they saw everyday, but didn’t know about a special secret on the back


1b. Handwrite a letter to your child


- How they have completely transformed your life

- What you want for them in the future

- What you hope they will accomplish

- Your dreams and hopes

- All those special feelings in your heart


2. To help you get started


- Some thought-starter keywords

- Nice stationary

- A special pouch on the back to hold everything


3. Imagine how they will feel when they open and read your letter


4. I contend that nothing you can purchase a couple of months before the wedding will mean as much


5. I also have thought starters for letters from:


- Children to Parents and Grandparents

- Spouses to each other

9. A Little Housekeeping

1. The Express Session


- Combine the Portrait Session and Selection Appointment into a single meeting


- Be done in the time it takes to watch a good movie


- A Special Offer, and an incentive


2. What to tell your children


3. Begin with the end in mind... What will you do with these beautiful portraits?


- Where will you hang them? Do you want a Showcase to display on an easel? Do you want a book for the coffee table? Are you looking for Gift Prints, or special gifts?


- Knowing how you plan to use the images will ensure we get what you need during the portrait session...


- Take a look around at walls where you might want to hang your story


- I’ll send an App to open on your smartphone and that walks you through taking pictures of your walls


- Then, during the Selection Appointment we'll digitally hang your pictures on your walls so you see exactly what they will look like at different sizes


10. A Few Final Thoughts

1. Suggestions, like a landscaper


2. Art travels the home


3. If I love it, I'll find a place


4. Volume discounts


5. Free 8x10 of every wall portrait ordered the same day as the Portrait Session


6. 3-day hold on orders, so you don't feel pressured



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