the Studio

James Hoover Studios

2855 Warner Drive

West Bloomfield, MI 48324



A little about how it came to be

I started my photography career with humble beginnings. I didn’t have a studio; so I developed a portable lighting system to use outside, on-location. So I would pack-up all my gear and go to the client’s home to photograph their little ones. I just loved doing this.


Then in 2015 at the Professional Photographers of America annual convention, called Imaging USA, something unbelievable happened -- something that gave me a perfect new start! I won the PPA Charities fundraiser raffle of a studio makeover. It was everything a studio photography would need, like cameras, lenses, bags, studio lights, wall print samples, backdrops, and even business software.


The best part of the whole experience was that there were 8 world-class PPA photographers in my home for three days, painting, hanging samples, setting up lights and backdrops, showing me how to use the equipment and software, and preparing the studio for operation. And their only goal was to help me in anyway they could. That was truly unforgettable, and I'm so grateful for the experience and meeting new friends.