Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a guarantee?


Actually we offer something better than a guarantee – Free until you actually see the images! If you don't like them then Pay Nothing!

Let’s do a photography session for you and your family now. Capture these memories before the kids get even a little bigger. See the relationships between family members captured in your images. See the pictures; be absolutely sure that you love them, before you pay anything. If you don’t like the pictures, or would prefer to wait, that is fine. There is absolutely no pressure.


If you want to order something immediately, that’s great. Of course, we’ll offer you a really nice incentive to actually place the order the same day as the portrait session but, again, it is entirely up to you. There is no pressure and no hassle…



What is the Express Session that I've heard so much about?


I pride myself on being customer focused. A recurring theme that I've heard is that the whole process just takes too much time. That process required a Design Appointment in my studio or your home, a Photography Session in the studio or your yard for a pet session, and a few weeks later a Selection Appointment to make the order. This could easily take 3 to 4 weeks and three separate meetings to accomplish.


So I set about drastically shortening this process, while still maintaining the high quality expected of my studio. My goal was to make this all happen in one meeting, and in the time it takes to watch a good movie. Recognizing that the time required varies based on the number of people, I targeted a typical session for a family of four. I have the gear and process developed to easily accomplish this goal.


We do the Design Appointment over the phone and computer. I've developed a presentation that will walk us through all the key aspects that need to be addressed from determining the type of session that works best for you, to really understanding your family, the relationships and the story the images should convey, and being sure to answer all your questions along the way. We will schedule a time for our one meeting together to do the portrait session and selection appointment.


The day of the portrait session and selection appointment we meet in your home or my studio. The images are taken, loaded into software for viewing, work through the process to make your selections, and finally pay for your products. All completed in the time it takes to watch Casablanca...


The feedback on this Express Session has been wonderful. Clients feel that the process is easy and relatively stress free. They love the images, have not felt pressured to make decisions, and completed it all in a much-reduced time frame that better fits in with their busy lives.



Where do the photography sessions take place?


My views on this have changed considerably on the best location. I have a well equipped home studio, so in the studio is always an excellent location. I have the equipment and processes developed to do a great job with an in-home session. So the answer depends on what works best for you. I'm ready and able to hold the session wherever is most convenient for you.


What makes your products special?


While the drug store and big box store prints are fast and inexpensive, they have a longevity rating of less than a generation. That is fine for some things, but not for a Family Portrait meant to be passed down to future generations. My wall portraits are made with finest museum quality materials and have an expected longevity of 5+ generations. So that beautiful family portrait will truly become an heirloom. It will be passed to your children, and on to their children – increasing in value as each day passes.