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Hi, I'm Jim Hoover




Learning from experience

Years ago, before studying photography, I remember wanting to get professional family portraits. So we did the logical thing, we made an appointment at the Department Store to have our family portrait done.


We drove over to the store at our appointed time, and waited for 45 minutes in a dimly lit area off the Women’s Clothing Department. Then we were ushered into a small room, arranged in different poses by the photographer, had several pictures taken, and then out. Someone took us to a desk, showed us many different options with the intent to up sell us on more products…


You know, it was not a pleasant experience and we cannot even find one of those pictures today. That is not an experience I wish to repeat and certainly something I wouldn’t inflict on another person.



Customer Service

I’ve heard people say, “Great service is great for business.” That is probably true. The problem with that statement is that it seems the driver is to get more business.

I believe in great customer service, but not just to get more business.


I want you to have a great experience. My commitment to you is that you will never be rushed, or pushed to purchase anything. When we work together you will have my complete and undivided attention.


I think it is all about being respectful. Respectful of your time, making our encounters as stress-free as possible, and having the result produce something exceptional.


I’ve focused on improving all my processes with these goals in mind.




Better Processes

I truly believe that talking, and getting to know each other first, is critical to creating the portraits that will be cherished. I’ve often said that I don’t know how knowing your story changes the way that I photograph; I just know that it does…


I found that trading emails or briefly chatting on the phone to schedule an appointment to meet for this first meeting was causing stress for my clients. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to meet face-to-face, it is just the scheduling process and logistics caused a lot of stress for my clients…


I set about making this process better. With the technology available today, we can talk over the phone and use the computer very effectively, and with a lot less stress. So, this first meeting can now be done online and over the phone, to make it as convenient as possible for you.


The next steps in the process would be the Photography Session, which traditionally was followed a few weeks later by a Selection Appointment. I asked myself, “why does it need to take weeks?”


From this question, the Express Session was born. It is as an option that does both the Portrait Session and Selection Appointment in the same meeting – all in the time it takes to watch a good movie. Clients that have used this process say they were initially a little concerned about doing everything at once, but found it is really easy, even fun, and surprisingly not stressful at all…


Next was the question of can you get studio-quality images in your home? The answer is definitely, “Yes!” I developed a lighting set-up to make it portable while maintaining the high quality lighting found in the studio. So whichever location, my studio or your home, is fine with me. Choose whichever is best for you…


Finally, the wall portraits themselves are special. While the drug store and big box store prints are fast and inexpensive, they often have a longevity rating of just a few years. That is fine for some things, but not for a Family Portrait meant to be passed down to future generations. Our wall portraits are made with best museum quality materials and have an expected longevity of 5+ generations. So that beautiful family portrait will truly become an heirloom. It will be passed to your children, and on to their children – increasing in value as each day passes.





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