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My heart is filled with lovely memories. Thank you so very much...


These are not just pictures -- These are are portraits that tell your family story!

Your story is everything!


One of the reasons we talk ahead of time is so I can learn your story.


We begin by talking to get a deep understanding of the special bond you have with your family, and hearing those stories you want to always remember.


These are the stories we want to capture during your session, and that will show how truly special your family is...


These portraits are destined to become a legacy for your family...

Just imagine how good you will feel seeing Your Heartfelt stories displayed on your walls…

The Session Types

Family/Pet Studio Portrait Session

All the focus is on you

Family/Pet On-location Portrait Session

You in your environment

Business Headshot Studio/On-location Portrait Session

Get your Confident and Approachable business portrait

The Process

The Express Session -- it's a Simpler Way!

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Step 1 - Learning the Story


It all gets started with a quick phone call where we begin a journey to identify those simple, everyday stories that you so want to remember. We will use these stories to customize your photographic session to reflect and capture meaningful, emotionally-charged photos of you, your personality, and your family relationships.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Step 2 - Capturing the Story


Enjoy your fun Portrait Session, followed by a stress-free Selection Appointment. I will assist you in the selection and customization of your Wall Art that will bring your stories to life, and bring life to your home.

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Step 3 - Presenting the Story


Love your heartfelt portraits -- Wall Art that will become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.


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See just how simple and fun the Process can be...

About Me

I'm Jim Hoover and capturing special moments your family will cherish forever is very important to me. It will be a fun and stress-free experience.

Studio or On-location Sessions

The portrait session can be done in my state-of-the-art home studio in West Bloomfield, or I'll bring the experience to your location. Either way you'll love your portraits.

Products and Costs

Please watch my short video about the products and costs. :)


don’t wait for a special occasion!

Our family and pet portrait sessions seek to connect on a deeper level, and celebrate the magic in everyday moments.

The simplest moments can hold the most meaning. Your child joyfully running to the door to greet you. Reading them a story and the excitement they show while looking at the book with you. The excitement of coloring a picture together. That feeling you get when they kiss you goodnight.

I specialize in visually telling your family story. It begins with getting a deep understanding of the connections among family members, and hearing those stories that you want to remember. We then plan your photographic experience to ensure that we capture those images that tell those stories. Finally, together, we build these storytelling images into wall art that you will treasure, and that will tell your children just how much you love them…

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